Book review: A Game of Wings and Marks

Title: A Game of Wings and MarksPublisher: Rebecca Crunden Number of pages: 239Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance, Angels/Demons 4/5. When Octavia Coal goes to the mountains to clear her head, she doesn’t expect to find an angel in trouble. He tells her his name is Tamiel and he’s one of the Irin – the army of angels tasked with keeping demons …

Book review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Feyre is hunting in the woods. She is the main reason her family has survived so long, she needs to find food or they wont survive. In the woods she sees a deer and with it a wolf. When she decides to kill it and sell the fur, she has made one of her biggest mistakes - taking a life, requires a life in return. And the collector of that debt will be coming for her soon.