My first Agatha Christie novel: Death on the Nile

Title: Death on the Nile
Author: Agatha Christie
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Number of pages: 416
Genre: Crime/ Thriller


“How absurd to call youth the time of happiness – youth, the time of greatest vulnerability!”

Death on the Nile is a Hercule Poirot mystery published in 1937 by Agatha Christie and this time Mr. Poirot is on vacation trying to enjoy the Egyptian landscape. However, mystery is never far away and his vacation on a cruise along the Nile quickly turns into a crime scene. Hercule Poirot finds himself on a ship where no one seems to be who they claim.

This is my first Agatha Christie novel, and I cannot believe I have waited this long to get into her novels. It was an entertaining journey from beginning to end! The complex characters, the crime and of course the love triangle on top of that, made it a very enjoyable read. The characters are interesting, weird, arrogant and naive in their dealings with life and its challenges. Some are more loveable, others are annoying personalities and some are just awfully arrogant. To a certain degree I have to include Mr. Poirot in that last group, sometimes I found him so arrogant that I had to remind my self that he is the good guy.

The plot does have interesting twist and turns that keeps you guessing on who the killer might be. I am really bad a guessing on these things, but the guessing was also what made this book so entertaining. I found myself gasping out loud when I had guessed wrong – again(!) And at one point I even had a little notebook with my suspects listed on my nightstand.

Combined with that, the lovely scenery, history of Egypt – perfect for the history nerd, the writing style and an entertaining plot, this was probably one of the best reads I had this year. I am definitely going back for more Hercule Poirot in the future.

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