Book review: A Game of Wings and Marks

Title: A Game of Wings and Marks
Publisher: Rebecca Crunden
Number of pages: 239
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance, Angels/Demons


When Octavia Coal goes to the mountains to clear her head, she doesn’t expect to find an angel in trouble. He tells her his name is Tamiel and he’s one of the Irin – the army of angels tasked with keeping demons from overwhelming humanity. But Tamiel broke a sacred law – he fell in love with a human – and now he’s being hunted by the same angels he once served. 

This was my second Read it and Reap book that I signed up for in the Goodreads group. I have found that I am becoming fond of this group and discovering new authors along the way! I do not get paid for these reviews, I just receive a free copy of the book and give an honest review.

This plot captured me straight from the first sentence, you dive right into this new world where angels and demons are very much a real thing. The story is fast paced, you want to know what is going to happen next and when Octavia is linked to the angel Raphael and at the same time has a strong connection to the demon Zev – things are becoming very interesting.

However, I felt that some sections were just too short, there were moments where I felt that this needed more explanation or just not changing the scene so quickly. There is one particularly chapter where things are a bit dramatic, and in the next chapter the plot moves on like nothing of significance really happened. This is were the book is a bit weak, some incidents go on without the reader really understanding why this happened or why it was significant for the plot.

Crunden is a good writer, the story does flow naturally and overall it is keeping a nice pace. Some section are a bit short and goes on too quickly, as mentioned, but the rest is pretty good. Language wise some parts are a bit repetetive and the same descriptions are used several times in the same chapters, but overall it did not bug me, I just noticed it. What I enjoyed the most is how Crunden describes the world and character, I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of the angels – it gave me such a clear and good idea of how she has imagined them. The images are easily translated from her writing to my imagination.

A Game of Wings and Marks, is an easy read – and if you are looking for something intriguing and urban fantasy I recommend it. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars because some parts where a bit weak, but overall a really good read that I enjoyed. If there is a sequel, I would easily sign up for it.

Disclaimer: The picture I have used is the sole property of the author

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