ARC: Legends of Eve

I received my first request for an honest review of an ARC back in August and it took me some time to get through the book and then write the review. The ARC is called The Legends of Eve and is a young adults fantasy series, it is a fairly long book that gives you a new complex world to discover.

You enter into a world that is divided by the four elements and their schools:  Haram’be (earth), Sereni (water), Fujita (air) and Gaia (fire). Twelve students are sent to what is left of Gaia to study and learn the forgotten legend of the book of Eve. The book has two main story lines, even though there are more stories within, that are part of the timeline.

My first impression of this was that this had a Hogwarts feel to it, just with the Avatar elements in it – and that could be an interesting plot. The Legends of Eve is essentially a story within a story, the premises are good – as those are usually my favourites. However, they have to be done correctly otherwise the reader just ends up confused. This is were Legends of Eve disappoints, I found the plot and the timelines hard to follow as so much happens in a short amount of time.

There were moments were I did not understand how things had occurred so I would go back and reread certain sections in hope of catching up. Sometimes that was not enough and I just had to go on feeling that I had somehow lost track of the timeline. The timeline would always pop back up, but it was a bit of a struggle.

What I did enjoy is how the world is built up, the attention to detail is really good and the author has a clear vision and explanation for how things work within it. There are a few good lessons to pick up for the younger readers, but for me it is not as interesting – but then again I’m 30. The story in itself is also something I did like and it is entertaining, the world the author has created is fascinating and beautiful and the characters brings their own impression to the story.

Overall this book touches the subjects of bullying, friendship and betrayal – everything you need for a good series and a great book. What pulls it down is the way it is written, it was hard to keep track of events and the timelines were not the best. I do believe it has the potential to be a good series, it just needs to grow a little more.


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