Book review: Crown of Midnight

Celaena barely survived the competition in Throne of Glass, and is now the kings new Champion. Keeping up her end of the bargain, Celaena is faced with what the people closest to her think of her actions. An acquaintance from her days as an assassin crosses her path and with an unexpected turn in events, Celaena’s world is shattered. She is faced with a decision, who will she fight for? 

Crown of Midnight is the second book in the series Throne of Glass and picks up right after the events of Throne of Glass. Unlike Throne of Glass, this plot has more going on, the pace is faster and so are the surprises that follow. For me this was a positive discovery as the second installment usually are disappointing.

While the first book was more about winning the title at the King’s Champion and the challenges along the way, this book focuses more on Celaena, her relationships, her past and how she deals with her new job. Her assassin skills are really shown here, unlike the first book where it was constantly remarked that she was awesome, now you actually get to see why she is as good as she said she was. Celaena’s skills are tested throughout the book and she is pushed further than before. I know believe she is a deadly assassin more than I did in Throne of Glass.

As she gets more romantically involved with one of the male characters, you can clearly see what highs and lows Celaena can go through. When it comes to Dorian and Chaol, Maas is demonstrating how different people are in their approach to someone they are romantically invested in. Sometimes to the point where I just wanted to say: Oh come on, just tell her! This is though one of the aspects I loved, as it is so true to how relationships are. It feels real, raw and wonderful at the same time.

What Maas did with the characters in this book, is just wonderful. Each character is developed so much and also you get to see the side of a character that you might not like as much. The mistakes they make, their judgement on others and what sacrifices they make – makes a huge impact on how you feel for them throughout the book. Another side that I particularly liked are the small characters, that are just mentioned as a sideline. Like for instance Rena Goldsmith and the musicians, how their story goes, is just a small part in this book, but it still left me speechless.

Crown of Midnight was certainly a joy to read, Maas is a much better writer in this one and I cant wait to continue the journey. One thing I can tell you, is the world of Celaena is carrying so much more, and we have only seen a tiny bit of it.




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