Book review: Morning Star

After the horrifying events  that occurred at the ending of Golden Son, Darrow has now been at the mercy of the Jackal the past year. The Reaper is now barely a shadow of himself, as he struggles to get through each day in the never ending darkness. As far as anyone knows the Reaper was executed after the death of the Sovereign, but his loyal friend and leader of the Sons, Sevro has not given up hope. However, will Darrow ever be the same again? 

By now I should know that reading a Pierce Brown book will claim my heart multiple times, but alas I never learn. It took me quite a few weeks to get to the point where I was able to write a review and go through my notes. However, even now – more than a month later, I can still tap into how I felt right after I finished Morning Star.

Morning Star does certainly not disappoint, it is dark, painful and there is so much misery that I had trouble seeing how I would make it to the end without being completely shattered again. In true Pierce Brown style, it did get worse, so so much worse, but there is also hope – much like Eo for Darrow, it keeps you going. Believing that in the end, something good will come out of this. As a reader you need to have that hope, because if you don’t, how will you ever survive this book?

This is one of those books that starts out good, and just gets better the more you read. The story line is great, the characters develop so much throughout the books progress and there is so much action that it makes it hard to relax. If I had to point to a negative thing this might be it, there were just too much going on to keep track of. If you are like me, a reader that gets totally involved and feels everything the characters go through, it might be a little too much on some occasions. However, I would not change it – even if I could.

What caught up to me in this book was realizing how attached I had become to all the characters. Usually when you read through a series there is always a few characters that you are rooting for that, in a worst case scenario moment, you could live without. That was certainly not the case in Morning Star, I was always worried about the others, thinking of what crazy plot-twist Brown would throw at me and hoping all would survive. The agony of not knowing what was coming was emotionally exhausting.

As the plot unfolded I did have a few moments where I was upset with Darrow’s decisions, some decisions were just pure stupidity – and at one point I was so convinced he would get everyone killed that I had to take a break before I continued reading. On the other hand, I could not really blame him, the situations they found themselves in were never easy and often extreme. And a decision had to  be made.

The plot twists. Oh lord. Brown is the master of plot twists. Reading through the book you know they will come, you know they will blow your mind and you know it most likely is going to hurt or force you through a rampage of emotions. And they do. That is all I can say.

After finishing this series, I have to say this is probably the best science fiction series I have ever read. I know I have complained about the language making it harder for me to get into the story, in the first book or the narrator of Golden Son (who I eventually came to love). All of that is gone in Morning Star, by the time you reach the third book you are already so deep in it, that you will not notice whatever annoyed you earlier. Looking back at my notes now, I realize how intense it really was:

No no no. Brown is leaving me traumatized! This is insane!! 

No better way to wrap up a series like Red Rising.  (NB! Quote might be a spoiler!) And to finish this review, I have added one of my favorite quotes (ignoring the fact it came from a character I did not like):

You burned bright, my Fury. Time itself…will remember you.” 




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