Book review: Golden Son

Golden Son picks up two years after the events at the Institute and Darrow is now under the service of his enemy Nero au Augustus. His final exam goes wrong and he loses against Cassius’s brother, Karnus au Bellona in a space battle. The public humiliation costs Darrow his contract with Augustus, and as he has not heard anything from the Sons, his future seems uncertain. None of his friends are close, but his enemies seem to get closer every day – Darrow now faces his biggest challenge. Will he, a Red, be able to survive in the world of the Golds?

I was left amazed after Red Rising, the ending just left me speechless so I was curious on how he would be able to survive being so close to his wife’s murderer. Darrow is now navigating through the Gold’s society and culture – losing his final exam against an enemy, forces him down a path where everything he believed in is challenged.

This book is much more about surviving the politics and plotting the Golds are experts in. Darrow has to maneuver his way through it without revealing who he truly is. Unlike the events at the Institute, where I was sure Darrow in the end would survive as it was more about strength, Golden Son left me as a wreck. I was constantly worried that he would not make it, that somewhere along the way he trusted the wrong person or said something that put anyone of his enemies on his tail.

However, like Red Rising – I did struggle to get through certain parts of the book. I am still going for, that the language was not the best; sometimes it was just too technical and too descriptive. So halfway through the book I switched to an audiobook. Now that was an experience in itself, as I am not used to audiobooks. At first, I was so not a fan of Tim Gerard Reynolds interpretation of Ragnar, Sevro or Victra – and they are all characters that I actually like. It took a few days, but I gradually got used to it. Now, I would recommend it! If you find yourself struggling with reading through it – switch to the audiobook. Makes the entire experience so much better and of course so much more intense. 

The characters are only getting better in my opinion. Sevro is still weird, but you cannot help it – you still like him. Victra is the kind of girl I truly wish Darrow would end up with! I love her sarcasm and how she is around him. I am still hoping they will end up together haha. Do not get me wrong, I do like Mustang too – but Victra, well I like her better.

I will not spoil this for you, but oh lord, what a twist. Getting to the last chapter and then the last page I was in shock. Pierce Brown, you are the kind of author that makes me love, hate, and cry mighty tears for my favorite characters. I know he will hurt them, I know he will make me cry and yet I go back and read some more. My heart aches as I start on Morning Star, my nerves are not sure they can handle any more – but yet I find myself with a hardcopy of the book and the audiobook. Morning Star, please don’t kill me.



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