Book review: Glass Sword

Glass Sword is the second book in the story about Mare Barrow by Victoria Aveyard. 

Glass Sword picks up right where we left Mare Barrow in Red Queen. She is trying to deal with the betrayal from Maven Calore, dealing with her feelings for Cal and realising she is not the only Red with Silver abilities. In her escape from the vindictive king, she sets out to try and find – and save others like her. However, everything she has experienced so far has started to change her, not necessarily to a better person.

I finished this book in three days, that is the best way to describe how much I enjoyed this one. As Red Queen, Glass Sword does have quite a few twists that I never saw coming. This book has many more compared to Red Queen, where most of them left me speechless. What I enjoyed with this book is that the story progresses to a point where it is very hard to leave the book, I just could not put it down. Some chapters even had me raging against Maven Calore so much, it reminded me of Joffrey from Game of Thrones. However, this series cannot be compared to GoT – the writing, the storylines and the characters are to weak for that.

The plot for this book is different than in Red Queen, Mare is fleeing at the same time as she is trying to save others like her. Overall this plot kept me interested and kept me in the story, as I wanted to know what was going to happen, both to her and the ones she tries to save. The first half of the book may not be so interesting for everyone, but my advice is to stick with it as it becomes more intense after the first half.

The emotions and her way of dealing with Maven’s betrayal can be tiresome, but for me that is also what makes her a more realistic character. Yes, it can be annoying to listen (read) her thoughts about the boy over and over again, or on how she feels for Cal, her family and others – but that is actually what I like about it. It makes her, the immature teen she actually is, the teen who is trying to not only understand her own role and her powers, more realistic. Mare is struggling in deciding what she is, what she ought to be and what she wants to be in this rebellion that is growing. Most of the books I have read have stronger characters, who are more mature, sure and likeable in their decisions – and I do miss that in this series from time to time. But if Mare was stronger it would not be the same story either.

All the characters have their own dreams, goals and of course a personal motivation that drives them into the choices they make. Some choices are not logical or even the best for the story – but that is what makes them human. You do not always see the consequences of your action in a heated moment, and some consequences are deeper than others. This is the best and worst about the books so far, the choices that are made – are human. Maybe even a little too human.

For this book the development of the characters is the weakest point in my opinion. Mare is an immature main character, which in my overall opinion is good – but this also weakens the story. Her way of looking at herself and others, can be too selfish, so I do hope that she will develop a little more in the coming books.  When it comes to the other characters I wanted to know more about them, and that wish was not really granted. However, we do learn a little from them each time they appear, it is just not enough for my taste.

Looking back at my Goodreads review, it makes me laugh a little, especially since I know sound so negative to the book. This is written the moment right after I read the last page. So here you go, this is my original opinion right after the last page and probably the most honest one:




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