Love letters of Great Men

I am the type of reader that usually reads a book within a few hours if I really like it and can’t put it down. So making this one last as long as I possibly could, became a real challenge.

I first heard of it on the Sex and the City movie back in 2008, and I immediately fell in love with the idea of just reading the love letters of poets, writers and composers. However, to my big surprise the book did not actually exist at the time – as it was a prop made for the movie and not an actual book. Nevertheless, because there are others like me out there, the book was finally published I got my hands on it quickly.

Making it last for so long has been a challenge, probably one of the hardest ones I have ever done when it comes to books. Since the book is not big, and just consists of letters and small introductions about the writers, I knew I would finish it within a few hours. So I made myself a promise, I would only read one letter whenever I felt I needed to feel a little love.

And it lasted for nine years! Last week I read the last letter by Second Lieutenant John Lindsay Rapoport written in May 1918. To read the letters has been an amazing journey through time and emotions of men, great men, who all have put their souls in the letters they wrote.

Some letters made me cry, others laugh and some just think. To see so clearly the passion, the love, the frustration and pain of the writers just captures how love is experienced. There is never truly just one emotion, love, is a roller coaster of emotions.

The next time I fall in love, I will try and keep that in mind.

My favorite letter, knowing it sounds cheesy, is still the one quoted at in the movie. By Ludwig van Beethoven;

What longing in tears for you – You – my Life – my All – farewell. 

Oh, go on loving me – never doubt the faithfullest heart. 

Of your beloved 

Ever thine. 

Ever mine. 

Ever ours. 


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